28 April 2015

Almost Done and Last Post

Well, this is it. My final week of classes before finals start. It’s crazy how fast my freshman year of college has gone.. Although I had a lot of fun this semester, I am ready to go home and have a break from school for a while. These last few weeks have been absolutely crazy for me.

Last night for instance, I finished up my ten page research paper for E&D. My topic was on the decline of the cavalry in the First World War and how veterinarians were involved in the war. It was particularly interesting for me because I  want to be a veterinarian. Seeing how they operated over a hundred years ago really fascinated me and helped make writing this paper a bit easier. Through a lot of procrastination over the past month, I was finally able to wrap up the longest paper I have ever written. It was a huge moment of relief once I finished.

Other than that, I have only one more presentation left before all my classes are done. It still feels strange saying that. Every time someone mentions that we are almost done I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Where did the year go? Unfortunately, this last presentation, which is for chemistry lab, will be my hardest one. Once it’s over with I’ll be happy, but putting it together will not be fun at all. It will be hard to put together because a lot of the data we gathered do not give us clear results.

This past weekend I really didn’t do a whole lot. For the most part, I just hung out with my friend Mikey playing video games and resting before finals. Next week will be a crazy time. All my finals are three days in a row, starting Tuesday. After finals, I am going to go back with Mikey to his house for a few days and help him with moving out of his house before I go home. As for myself, I plan to get a storage unit for the stuff I can’t take home.

Sadly, this is my last blog post this year. It has been a lot of fun describing everything I do here, and I hope that it has helped some of you out there make the decision to come here! Anyway, thank you to everyone who read my blog this year!

Working on the chemistry presentation. 

A nice day at Lewis and Clark!

-Remington Campbell