14 April 2015

Almost there

This past week my brother Alex came up to visit me for part of his spring break. Alex is a junior in high school, so my parents and I thought it would be a good idea for him to come see what college is like for me. On Thursday he flew up by himself to Portland and was able to use the Max and the Pio Express to get to campus. After I met up with him, we went and got lunch together at the Bon. Then, while I went to lab, he got to go lie down and take a nice nap. Later in the day, he went  to the library with me while I was working on some homework, but he was able to read a book while I worked.

Friday, Alex again was able to just relax while I went to class all day. After I finally finished classes, we went down to the weight room so I could show him some of the facilities we have he here at Lewis & Clark. Also I got the chance to introduce him to some of my coaches while he was here too. While we were down at the weight room, we worked out a bit.  Later we played Spikeball with some of my friends. Alex really like it, and we both decided to try and get a set for this summer. The rest of the night, we both hung out with Mikey and Dylan playing video games and relaxing..

Enjoying the outdoors with no heat, unlike home. 
Saturday, we both slept in as late as we could before getting brunch. Then Mikey, Dylan, Will, Alex and I all went down to Pamplin to play basketball. It was the first time in quite a while that I had played basketball. It wasn't too pretty since I am not too good, but fortunately we were really just messing around and having fun.

Once Alex and I were done playing basketball, we showered and went downtown. The very first place we went to was Powell’s Books. Alex has been dying to go there ever since I came here in the fall. He probably spent an hour in there just looking for books. When he picked out some books he wanted, I bought him some books for him since it’s his birthday this Friday. After Powell’s, we found a small pizza place to get some dinner  before we went and saw a movie. We went to the movie theater in the Washington Theater Mall and saw Furious 7 late at night. Since it was almost 1 A.M., the Pio Express was not running. This gave us a chance to get a taxi back to campus and check out that mode of transportation since Alex had to get up at 4:30 A.M. to get to the airport! Now I know how to get to the airport early and I won’t have to spend the night there like I did earlier in the year. It’s not too expensive to go just between campus and downtown, then the Max runs up to the airport.
Getting some pizza.

I was really happy that Alex came this week. It was a nice break from all the work I have coming up. With only three weeks of school left, everything is starting to wrap up and get crazy. All of the last tests I have in class are this week and then all the presentations start. I am very excited to get this work done and return home for the summer!