07 April 2015

International Affairs Symposium

This week on campus, Lewis & Clark College had its 53rd International Affairs Symposium, titled The Dynamics of Identity: Characterizing Conflict in a Globalized World. This event brings in several different types of speakers from all around the world to speak about important topics concerning the world today. For those of you  planning to major in International Affairs, this is a really fascinating event that you should look forward to.

Last night, I attended the debate/discussion between retired four star General Wesley Clark and Murtaza Hussain, a national security and civil liberties journalist who works for the online newspaper The Intercept. The topic for their discussion last night was foreign fighters, or people who are leaving their countries to fight in another. Both men brought up strong points about the concern of people leaving nations to join militant groups such as ISIS or Al-Qaeda; however, they both seemed to downplay the emergence of ISIS, stating in their own ways that the use of social media by ISIS and the 24 hours news cycle has allowed them to stay in the spotlight and get the attention they want.
Unfortunately, the Council Chambers were full so I had to watch a live feed in Stamm Hall

Although I’m not an IA major, I still wanted to go to the debate last night just to hear these two men talk about what I think is major topic in today’s world. It really was interesting to listen to the debate, and I plan to go to more tonight and tomorrow. A few of the other topics in the discussions are on the use of surveillance by the government and another is examining where the root of conflict is today in the world.

Other than  that, spring ball for football has been going very well for our team here. Both sides of the ball are learning the new systems we have, and everyone is coming together as a team. With the incoming freshman class next year, we are looking to make change within our program and win some games at last.

With only a few more weeks left this semester, I've just been chugging along in my work. Next week is when everything hits the fan. I have The last of my tests will be finishing up and then its preparation for finals. Also, I have a research paper coming up for E&D and presentations in all four of my classes.  Summer couldn't get here any faster. Well that’s all for now.