07 April 2015

Thesis Week & Pints With Profs

Hi everyone,

    Today's post is a short one because I have a thesis draft due on Friday and it's taking over my lifeeee. The whole darn thirty pages is due on Monday. SO SO CLOSE. It's been a slow process because it's in French, so there's that. Everything is going great though! I am so proud that I'm at 26 pages. I wrote that. Me. I did it. Not to toot my own horn, but I think that's pretty awesome.

   The highlight of this week so far has been going to Pints With Profs. It's one of the "Senior Experience" events put on for the graduating class. Today seniors and their professor all got to eat some tasty free food outside together, and we were all given two free drinks. It was nice to chat and drink wine with my French professors before running off to choir. I was late to rehearsal today, but I couldn't pass up the chance to hang out with my professors in a non-office setting. I feel like freshman year I could just walk into their offices and talk about what I liked about class, talk more in depth about the material, career goals, learning a language, our favorite food carts in Portland (Potato Champion obviously).

     Lately, I've just been visiting their offices when I need help, and I forget that they are real people with cute kids and interesting lives. I hope I can stay in contact with them when I graduate-- it's coming up so soon. I can't think about that right now... thesis. thesis. Before I tell you about Alsatian poetry, here's a little clip of my housemate Katherine and I taking a study break to play some music, and FYI we are definitely not pursuing music careers.We're just hanging out in my bedroom, a typical Tuesday:

Good night everyone! If you have any questions about LC, college, or Katherine's banjo skills, I'm here: