17 November 2015

Final Registration

Last night, I signed up for my last semester of classes.  I've had the benefit of finishing all of my General Education requirements early so now I get to take classes that I want instead of ones that I need (if there is one tip for college that I give, I suggest doing this because it makes life senior and junior year so much easier).  I'm super excited about my classes next semester, but as I plan my next semester, I can't help feeling sad that I have to leave L&C in six months.

Conveniently, registration isn't too complicated here.  It's very easy to see what classes are available and read a short description on each one.  For me, choosing classes was easy, but if I were to have issues, Professors (especially our Advisors) are always amazingly helpful and knowledgeable on what classes we should take.  I'm registered for 18 credits (over 19 is overloading) so I will certainly be busy next semester.

Past that, it has been a very busy time at LC.  We only have one more month left until the semester is over and that means that final projects, papers, and reports are beginning to be finished, while finals loom off in the near future.  Thankfully, we have a little break for Thanksgiving in which I will be going home for some much needed rest.  I'm so excited to see my family (and dogs!!!) and will be sure to post some photos of them next week!

Now just to get ready for the next month of hard work in order to make it to winter break.  Hope you all have a wonderful and productive week and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me at jprovost@lclark.edu.