24 November 2015

Stand-up Comedy in Downtown, and Campus Safety

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Click above to check out an Insta from last week's stand-up comedy show!

Hey all!

For Fun!
Portland is CHOCK FULL of underground and popular entertainment. In the endless nooks and crannies of this amazing city, you will find stand-up comedy, live music in huge and tiny venues, poetry, theatre... you name it, and we probably have it, only paired with local brew and killer food. It's a wonderful place to be a student in. This past weekend, I went with a few friends to a free comedy show hosted by an artisan tea shop in downtown: Tea Zone and Camellia Lounge. This tea shop boasts too many tea varieties to count, nice grub, and an all-ages all-purpose venue in the back. They host free shows all the time, and with the classy small bar and soft lights, it's the perfect place! It was just as the headliner comedian said while he took the stage...
"Ya'll are drinking tea on on Saturday night. Buncha weirdos. Hey, somebody get me a tea. Don't give me the list, it hurts my head, just one that tastes and smells exactly like coffee. You got coffee? I'll take that. What there's a list for coffee? Hell, just give me a green tea."
Campus Safety
This past week has been eventful to say the least. As some of you might find out in campus tours or if you read about our school online, Lewis & Clark College students have a history of being active on issues regarding social injustice. This past week's student body response to recent campus events upholds this tradition of intolerance to injustice. Regarding these recent events, I will say no more, only that I am proud of this student body for standing up for what we believe in and against discrimination!
This week I'd like to talk a bit about safety on campus. Campus safety varies hugely across different campuses, and to put it straight, never in my life except in my own home have I ever felt as safe as I do living and studying here at LC. As a transfer student from two previous schools, I can compare and contrast quite well in terms of campus safety of LC vs. other schools.
My freshman year was at a large public research university with a campus semi-integrated into the city; while I enjoyed the being in the city, it inevitably came with the good and the bad parts of living in a large metropolitan area. To write tersely, I would avoid walking with headphones in at night and would constantly be conscious of the environment I was in if I was alone. In the dining halls, I would always keep my belongings close. I only knew the students living in my dorm "pod," which consisted of 7 people, because pods were physically separated from other pods. There was no "campus security" in the American college sense. On any given night you may have to deal with individuals and groups intoxicated to the point of doing non-wise things or giving unwanted interaction. Compared to LC, my previous university kept you on your toes all the time regarding personal safety and belongings. This is how you were expected to live.
At LC, many students in the dining hall go up for seconds and leave their smartphones unattended on the table. You walk around and notice that there are "emergency posts" that you can push to get campus security (which is maybe a few hundred feet away from you anyway) on the line and to you in the case of emergencies. You know everyone in your hall and most likely your entire floor, if not the entire dorm in some of the smaller dorms. Lamp-posts illuminate the paths during the nights, and it's a normal sight to see students still listening to music while walking around in the dark. Only up until recently have I ever heard so much as a peep about concerns of safety on campus. While I admit these are just my points of view, I find the LC campus to be one of the safest places I have ever lived in.