08 December 2015

Almost to the End

The end of the year is upon us. It’s amazing how quickly this semester went by. Tomorrow is the final day of classes, and then we have finals starting on Sunday. Fortunately, we have Thursday and Friday off to prepare for our finals. However, the school puts on a lot of events during these days to help people with taking breaks, like free donuts and coffee on one of the days. As for me, I think I will go snowboarding on Thursday before I study that evening!

This past week, my friend Colin Brown invited me onto his radio show that he hosts every Sunday from 9 to 10 PM. It was really a cool experience to be on the KLC radio. The operation is run by students who have shows and play music on their website throughout the day. Colin’s show, titled Colin’s Classic Hits, is a very laid-back show that was very fun to do. When he first called me to ask if I wanted to come on, I was a bit taken aback since I wasn’t expecting that at all. However, I agreed, and I am very glad I did. When we were speaking on the radio, Colin and I just talked about how the football season went and how my classes are going. He even let me pick a few songs out for people to listen to.

Other than that, all I have been up to is working on homework and preparing for finals. I just finished my Spanish presentation, and all I have to do is present it in class tomorrow with my group. As I mentioned earlier, I should be headed up to Mt. Hood on Thursday to go snowboarding. The past week or so it has been getting snow everyday, so it should be really nice up there. One of the  reasons I came here is because the school is so close to the mountain so I can snowboard!

Well, this is my last blog post for the semester. I just want to thank everyone for reading this semester. I will be back blogging next semester. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Hanging out with Colin in the studio.

The Timbers also just won the MLS Cup!