02 December 2015

Delicious Food and the Final Stretch

Hello all! I had a good Thanksgiving break last week. Much of it was spent eating, watching TV, and sleeping. Having been sick for the previous week, it was really helpful to just relax and take care of myself for a couple of days.

For Thanksgiving, because I staying on-campus for the break, one of my friends hosted a big dinner at his house off-campus for his friends who didn't have anywhere to go. It was a really nice dinner, and the food was so delicious!

I made cinnamon-roll stuffed apples.

Our delicious Thanksgiving feast.... There were so many leftovers!

Look at that yummy homemade food!

Other than eating a lot of food this weekend, I did a lot of work for my film class in English. We are currently studying "The Shining," so I watched the film, read a film analysis, and watched the theoretical documentary about the its hidden meanings called "Room 237." At the end of the weekend, I went out for dinner downtown at India House, which I mentioned going to earlier in the semester. Yet again, the food was absolutely delicious!

India House on Morrison St. downtown

After eating, we went on a quick little detour to Powell's. For all those who don't know what that is, Powell's is the largest independently owned bookstore in the world. The building is three stories and takes up a whole city block. I was drawn to the sections on anarchist politics, metaphysics, gay & lesbian literature, horror, and science fiction. I ended up getting a couple of books for winter break reading that I am eagerly anticipating.

As my title suggests, we are finally in the homestretch of the semester - we only have a week more of classes, then a couple of reading days to study before finals. I am starting to really feel the pressure, what with three major papers due within the next week that I still need to start. At least my physics professor, Michael Broide, seems to get how exhausted his students are by the end of the semester. The last couple of classes have focused on understanding how waves work, especially sound and electromagnetic waves (including light). He has been incorporating many cool in-class experiments and demonstrations to keep students involved and interested, and I've really appreciated that at this point in the semester.

Michael demonstrating how cell phone signals get blocked when inside a metal box.

Work is still keeping me busy outside of class - I recently added a couple more shifts. I now work at Maggie's cafe on Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Monday night. I'm anxious to start finalizing my work schedule for next semester so I can really settle on classes I might audit and how many extracurricular activities I could have.

Me in uniform at Maggie's.

It's been a hectic week so far, but I look forward to filling you in on how my last week goes. Take care! Feel free to email me at ncalande@lclark.edu for more information or if you have questions.