08 December 2015

First Semester at LC... over?

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Hi all!

For Fun
This past weekend, I decided to venture into the Mt. Hood area for a quick hike instead of the Colombia River Gorge area (where I usually spend my time outdoors). It was a great choice, and my first hike was the Boulder Ridge Trail! 7 miles roundtrip, a comfy 2,000 ft of incline, and SNOW!!! I trekked off in true John Muir fashion with just bread and hummus (ok, maybe not this part) as food to keep me going. I'm excited to adventure and discover more of the Mt. Hood area soon, for the Boulder Ridge Trail was a great intro to the scene!

Reflections on the (nearly over) semester
Well. If I turn around and look behind me, I see the wall of the library (which I'm currently at, studying for finals), but what is figuratively behind me is nearly a semester of LC done and done... my first semester at that! Needles to say, it's been a PACKED couple of months from the beginning to the end. Here's a short reflection!

Transferring between universities/colleges is definitely not something that's done easily; it takes a lot of focus, dedication, motivation, and elbow grease. Things won't work out the way you envisioned it to, with credits or schools or many other things, but I've been lucky. Why? Well besides all the things I just listed, I've been lucky as a transfer because I found Lewis & Clark. Countless members of the community have helped me through this seemingly daunting process of transitioning into LC from other colleges, and while my classes here have been fantastic, I want to emphasize how shocking/great it is to have a support network in the school administration and faculty. It's been very easy for me to stay healthy, with the gym open so early/late and the options in the dining halls, and this cannot be understated! I came from colleges that served only fast food in their dining halls, and the habit of eating junk food is hard to stop once you develop it. I found out that I will be able to study abroad in Japan, which is in itself something to celebrate. From clubs to friends, classes and food, fun outside and fun inside, campus and Portland. I know when I look back on my first semester here, there'll always be a big smile on my face.