01 December 2015

Thanksgiving at Home

Well, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I know I sure did. It was nice to be able to go home to spend time with my family and friends. With finals just around the corner, it was nice to be away from all the stress of school and just relax for a couple of days.

Last week, I left school in the afternoon on Wednesday and flew out that night to San Diego, where my girlfriend Ava picked me up from the airport. We spent the night at her apartment, which is near San Diego State University, and then woke up super early to get back home for our Thanksgiving day. Once Ava dropped me off at home, I spent time with my parents and brother before everyone started coming over. For Thanksgiving at my house, it was my parents, brother, grandma, my best friend Matthew and his mom, and Ava. For dinner, my best friend Matthew and I had to cook the turkey. It came out better than we  thought it would, even though we  brought it out of the deep fryer  too early and had to put it back in.
Eating my favorite food from home, Johnny's. 
A pretty cool clock inside PDX airport. 

After we ate at my house, it was on to round two at Ava’s aunt’s house, where a lot of her family was. Since I had eaten my fill already, I couldn’t eat too much more. Mostly, I got to chat with her family members and tell everyone how my year is  going. However, we didn’t stay too long because we were going shopping at Target that night for Black Friday. So around 4:30, we left her aunt’s house to go stand in line. Since it was Ava’s birthday, she asked me to go shopping there, plus we had some Christmas shopping to do for her mom since there were some good deals. Fortunately, when we got to Target, there wasn’t too bad of a line so we were able to get a good spot. Once the doors opened, it was a lot easier than I had expected. I assumed people would be sprinting around, fist fighting over everything. It wasn’t like that at all! People were very calm, and  almost everyone in line was buying some sort of TV. Ava and I were able to walk in and get the PS4 and Beats we wanted rather easily.

Other than that, most of my Thanksgiving was very relaxing. I was able to help my dad with a few things at his high school and relax at home. Sunday, my mom was able to drive me back up to San Diego, and I made it back here to Portland. Now it’s time to buckle down and finish up this semester. It’s weird how close it is to finishing.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. It’s already almost Christmas! 

My cat, Jax. 
Scotty, on the left, and Aussie. 
Ava's dog Shorty was in the holiday spirits.