08 December 2015

The Final(s) Frontier

Whoa! Still can't believe it's the last week of school left! We have one more day of classes, then finals. As you can probably imagine, I am very busy with final papers and studying. But I wanted to take a little break and write about the last week.

This is what the last couple of days have looked like... Long hours writing papers in dorm common rooms, Maggie's Cafe, and Watzek Library.

Last Wednesday was really cool because I got to meet with a bunch of students who are participating in this independent study course we are collectively designing for Spring Semester. The course is focused on Asian American narratives and activism history, and the course curriculum and assignments are all collaboratively designed by us, the students. I'm very excited by the opportunity to audit the class to learn more about this community ("auditing" means that I do not take the class for credit, and thus only attend or complete work as much as I am able to).

On Friday, I saw my friend performing with the Community Choir in the annual Winter Choral Concert. Three choir groups performed a variety of seasonal, thematic, and holiday music. It was absolutely beautiful!

In other news... If you like rain and huge downpours - you would have loved Portland these last few days. It has been raising cats and dogs since Monday, and it shows no signs of letting up. Portland is not a city used to such heavy rain, so there has been a lot of flooding and downed power lines. There were even a couple of blackouts on campus!

All this weather makes you never want to leave your warm room and maybe curl up and actually do work. Which is pretty handy, given how many assignments most students have due around now.

Speaking of work... This 12 page thought-paper for Global Security isn't going to write itself, so I'm afraid I'll have to bid "adieu" to you all and get back to work. It has been a pleasure keeping you ion the loop about my everyday life this semester. I hope to write again for you this Spring so I can let you know about my thesis!

Happy holidays!

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