25 January 2016

A Hot Springs Weekend

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Hey all!

Happy 2016 and spring term to students everywhere.
In the spirit of the New Year, I'll share a few thoughts, observations, and resolutions of my own since returning to our beautiful campus:

Observation #1: Our gym is poppin' these days

Resolution #1: Go to the gym more

Thought #1: Did I go to the gym today?

Observation #2: My friend telling me "there are hot springs in Oregon"

Resolution #2: Go to an Oregon hot spring

Resolution #2: Done. 1/23/2016, the first weekend of school.

Thought #2: When are we going again?

Observation #3: Students talking about the summer

Thought #3: Didn't we just start school last week?

Thought #4: What's my BIG achievement for 2016?

Resolution #4: Complete the Cactus to Clouds hike: 10.3k+ft of ascent, 20+miles, one day

Observation #4: I'm insane.

Thought #5: 2016 is going to be KILLER.

Got Thoughts, Observations, Resolutions of your own? Tag me @jayhidekichu on instagram or email me at jaychu@lclark.edu

Cheers everybody! Jay

About me: Transfer sophomore Lewis & Clark College. Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Japanese.