26 January 2016

Back At It

Hey, everyone! It’s good to be back here on campus  at Lewis & Clark after a good winter break. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. I spent almost all of my break at home working in a feedlot, which is what I really enjoy. It gives me an opportunity to learn about the industry and the cattle as I work toward being a large animal vet. Now that I am back on campus, I am gearing up for a busy spring semester.I am taking four classes this semester. Bio 200, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus II. It will definitely keep me busy.

Within two days of being back here in Portland, I got to go to the Moda Center to shadow the camera and production crews as part of my job that I have through work study. Since my boss here is in charge of streaming all of the school’s athletic events online, he had the really good idea to have all of us involved with it shadow the production crew at the Moda Center, where the Trailblazers play, in order to get a better understanding of how to run our own show. It was a really amazing experience. Before the game and during the first half, we got to go to different parts of the arena and watch as the production crews broadcast the game on television and on the big screen in the arena. While we were with the crew doing the big screen, several of us including me, got to do a few replays that the whole crowd saw.

After halftime, we were able to go up to the very top of the arena and watch the rest of the game. It was a really cool way to start off the semester. This week will be my first full week of classes. Also  this week, the football team is starting our offseason lifting program. I am looking forward to working with everyone to grow as a team..

That’s all I have for the week.


My view from work. In the background is Mt. Signal, which is divided in half by the U.S. and Mexico.

Touring the Moda Center.

Production below the stands. This was the local Portland broadcast. ESPN had trailers outside.

Next to me is one of the camera crews.