21 February 2016

Intramural Soccer Club

Every Spring semester during the months of February and March Intramural soccer is taking place on campus. The club is a great opportunity for students who share an interest in soccer to come together and play. Whether you've played before or not, anyone is welcomed! Students make there own teams and then leave it up to the club organizers to schedule the games, which are usually two days a week. Roughly about 8-10 different teams are formed and we play against each other. Games started this last Thursday and I was so excited to simply play against other students. I have been doing intramural soccer for 3 years now and I will definitely say it is one of my favorite clubs on campus. It's unfortunate it only happens during the Spring.

For Thursday's game, I was actually feeling about anxious. I had not played soccer in months! I tried to stay behind and play defense to observe my teammates playing skills simultaneously testing mine. My team won 8-5 (I scored no goals), and I gained some of the confidence I was lacking before the game started. I am excited to keep playing for the next month and will keep you updated on how far my team makes it. We do have quarter finals, semi-finals and a final, which makes it even more fun!