15 February 2016

Midterm Week

This upcoming week is  going to be so incredibly busy for me. I have three tests and a presentation all in the span of a couple days. It will definitely be a very crazy week for me since I have to study for all of them. Thankfully there are tons of resources here at Lewis & Clark that will help me be prepared for this week.

One resource is the library. the library is open at all times of the day during the week except for Saturday night when it closes for the the night and reopens on Saturday morning. Most of this next week will be spent in here working and getting prepared. What I like the most is that there are small study rooms where you and a friend can study but still be able to talk without disrupting others. These are my favorite places to go and study because it is usually very quiet in the study rooms, and I can really focus on my work without distractions.

Another great thing here is how available the professors are during the week. During the week of tests, most even schedule extra office hours in order for everyone to be able to make it at least once. I find it super helpful to always go in and at least ask questions on something I don’t quite understand. They are always  supportive in making sure I understand what I am asking. I will definitely be going into my O-Chem professor’s office hours at least a couple times.

This past weekend was pretty busy for me. I worked on Saturday and Sunday, which took up a lot of time. I work the scoreboards for the basketball teams, the softball team, and the baseball team. It is part of my work study, and I really enjoy that I am able to work on the weekends. It keeps me busy and allows me to watch the other sports teams play as well. Sadly, both our basketball teams lost this weekend in really close games. However, the baseball team was able to win both of its games on Sunday, so that’s a plus. Other than that, this weekend was pretty boring for me. When I wasn’t working, I was either relaxing in my room or studying. Next weekend will be much better because my girlfriend, Ava, will be here visiting me. For now though, it’s back to studying!


Studying on Sunday night.

Blake joined me to study.