16 February 2016

Busy Week

View out of an upper-level window in Watzek

I’ll admit it, I haven’t exactly done anything interesting recently.  I have both biology and chemistry midterms this week so my weekend was spent preparing for those.  One benefit to studying last weekend over any other weekend was that it was both Valentine’s Day and Oregon’s Birthday so the food was unusually nice and they were handing out free cake in Templeton.  I did make it out for a short walk in Tryon during a gap in the rain though, which was beautiful.  Next week shouldn’t be nearly so busy so with luck I'll be able to write more then.

The one adventure I had involved a lot of time one the MAX (Portland’s light rail system).  I took the Pio (L&C’s shuttle) to downtown Portland and took the MAX for about an hour to get to Hillsboro, Oregon. Once there, I visited the local Venturing Crew (a coed scouting group) and joined them for a meeting.  Scouting is a really small world and it turns out that one of my friends from a summer camp in New Mexico is a member of this crew.  It was nice getting out for a bit and seeing old friends.

There are plenty of study areas available for all group sizes

L&C Everyday Life: Watzek

At the moment I am sitting in one of the more hidden study areas in Watzek Library.  Watzek is located on the undergraduate campus and houses over 300,000 volumes.  If that’s not enough books for you, we are also part of the Summit (a group of both public and private libraries which share their collections) and have access to the collections of at least 35 other libraries.