16 February 2016

Outside the Classroom: L&C Clubs & Activities

Hey all!

I want to take some time this week talking about the scene at LC outside the classroom and lecture halls. For our smaller size, LC in my opinion has a dedicated and strong student club and activities scene. A variety of clubs cater to students of all backgrounds: from visual arts to music, yoga to martial art, gardening and surfing.
At my previous college (University of Aberdeen), clubs and student activities differed significantly from what they look like here. Clubs at big universities are, understandably, BIG and will take some time to get to know the feel and members of each club, and at LC, clubs are usually just small groups of friends who are dedicated to what they do. There is no good or bad here, just different!
The Pugilism and MMA Club, of which I'm a part of!
If you happen to be interested in an activity that isn't offered at LC either through the curriculum or the clubs, there's always PORTLAND. One of my good friends here Jack goes a few times a week to a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym 10th Planet in Southeast Portland, and I go twice a week to my Aikido Dojo near Downtown. Many students get involved in various local scenes: music, poetry, or any other activity. 

Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll almost certainly be able to find it at L&C or in Portland. 

Portland Aikikai: my dojo