22 February 2016


I’m a biology major.  That being said, I spent most of Saturday writing a program to post Tweets.  I’m not even in a computer science class, but my E&D (Exploration and Discovery) professor is part of the computer science department and one of our assignments is to create a twitter bot.  Honestly I could have done it in about a quarter of the time I spent, but I really enjoyed the assignment.  My program replaces two words in a random quote, attributes it to a random person, and tweets it.  Most end up being nonsense, but occasionally they turn out well.  If you would like to see examples you can find it at @Misattributor ( https://twitter.com/Misattributor ).

I finished both my first chemistry and biology midterms so life is better now, but one of my roommates has an upcoming biopsychology midterm so life in the dorm is staying just as crazy and I haven’t seen another roommate since this morning because she’s been in the library working on a paper almost the entire day.  My weekend has been somewhat saner and the portions that weren’t spent coding were spent baking bread and calling home to celebrate my little brother’s birthday.  The bread worked out fairly well considering I don’t have yeast, and it was nice to catch up with my family for a bit.

L&C Everyday Life: Cooking
Each dorm here gives you access to a kitchen, the sizes and shapes vary, but it’s a kitchen nonetheless.  At the minimum you will have access to a fridge, microwave, stove, sink, and a small amount of counter space.  Most areas have cookware belonging to the dorm such as baking trays and frying pans, but what is there depends a lot on luck and what previous students have left behind.  I definitely would recommend you bring your own bowl, cup, silverware, etc. but personally I would wait until you arrive to go out and by pots and pans.  I do own my own cookie sheet, frying pan, and small pot, but that’s just personal preference because I would rather always be sure where I can find them and be absolutely certain they are clean.

Feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu if you have any questions