18 February 2016

Why I'm an RA and What I Do

Ok so I've still been super busy lately and haven't done much of interest.  However, right now we are hiring the RA's for next year and that is a pretty exciting time.  It's really fun to see all the students who are excited about Student Life and want to make this school a better place.  So today I wanted to take some time to talk about the RA role and why I became one.

The first role of an RA is to formulate a community in their hall.  This is one of the hardest tasks because you cannot simply tell people to "GO BE FRIENDS!"  That doesn't work super well so you have to be creative and make sure that everyone has the ability to grow together.  We put on monthly Community Builders that have different themes ranging from Movie Night to a complex wide Harvest Festival.  This has been my favorite task as an RA because we get to be so creative and make events that are super fun and make everyone in our little community happy.

Another big role for RA's is resident safety and happiness.  This is why I became an RA.  College is hard and stressful but with help it becomes so much easier and fun and that is what I wanted people to feel.  Almost daily I have residents coming to my door asking to talk about just about anything and it has been amazing.  They tell me of their successes and failures, and how they just met someone super cool, or how they love (and sometimes hate) the paper that they are writing.  Seeing my residents be happy and love what they are doing makes me want to work harder to make myself and everyone else I see, happier.

That's what we're looking for right now and it is what I get to see when I interview candidates for next year's RA positions.  I know that next year, students of Lewis & Clark will do well because of all the amazing (returning and new) RA's we will have.  I talk to a lot of the other RA's every day and even though I have only known some of them for a semester and a half, I feel as though I have known them forever.

I know that the coming weeks will be more exciting and I will be able to post more about what I'm doing on a weekly basis.  If you would like to ask about the RA job or anything else about life at Lewis & Clark, feel free to email me at jprovost@lclark.edu.

Hope you all have a lovely week,