10 March 2016

How to Deal with the Midnight Munchies

Hey all,

Many of the students here at L&C are in mid-term season again, and that can call for a few late nights of studying. Like most colleges, LC has an option for you if you're especially inclined to get the midnight munchies! It's called, MAGGIE'S.

Maggie's: for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second-dinner. Open 830am-midnight 

Maggie's serves all kinds of food from hot sandwiches to donuts, bagels and pastries, pre-packaged snacks (from chocolate to cheez-its!) and an array of "health" foods, like apple chips and rice crackers. Drinks are served of course, choose from sodas, Naked smoothies, kombucha, Yerba Mate teas, fresh coffee and made-to-order espresso drinks, even beer on the monthly Pub Trivia Nights hosted at Maggie's (prizes for winning teams!). Of course, sometimes the best thing to do is deny yourself of a midnight intake of 1000 Calories, drink some water and wait for breakfast (this may have been the inspiration behind this post), but rest assured for campus-dwellers, Maggie's and all its wonderfulness is never too far away.