09 March 2016

International Fair : a lot of creativity, delicious dishes, dancing etc.

Performers (photo credits to ISLC)
 One of my favorite events on campus happened this last weekend! That is, the International Fair. It is a show put on by ISLC (International Students of Lewis & Clark) every spring semester. It is an opportunity for students to come together and put on a performance that represents a region or country. Some regions/countries that are represented are South East Asia, Japan, China, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and more. While some regions prepare weeks in advance for there performance, others prepare in 2 weeks or less. Yet they all manage to put on a great show. There is a lot of student creativity involved in the performances and especially when it comes to food! Yes, even the food is prepared and cooked by students (there is always a vegetarian option). You would be surprised how amazingly good the food taste. That is because students take importance in keeping the recipes authentic as possible. The deserts are the best part of the meals (of course). One of my favorite deserts that has been made by students is coconut rice pudding. It is a Thai desert so it was prepared by South East Asia.

Also, when you enter the dining hall(s), there is information tables set up where students are waiting to talk about how amazing the particular country or region they are representing is. The whole event is designed to share a glimpse of the different cultures that are represented on campus. That is what makes the International Fair a special event for many students.

Last year I performed a Korean-Pop choreography and danced for India as well. This year, I was part of the Latin America region. You are not expected to have a connection to a country or region to help prepare, perform, and represent it, all you need is an interest and enthusiasm and you're in!
Vallenato Colombiano -Put on by Latin America (photo credits to ISLC)

Students from Japan singing (photo credits to ISLC) 
Students representing Africa (Photo credits to ISLC)