14 March 2016

More Fire!

You have been hearing a lot about Fire Arts recently and you will probably continue to do so for the next while. Since we have a show this Thursday and are preforming at the Luau after spring break, Fire Arts is the main thing (other than schoolwork) that I have been focused on. Yesterday we held a “prop party” and spent hours fixing our props (fire knives, staffs, etc.) and making new ones. It is a somewhat involved process. People were hammering, using drills, sawing, and wiring wick to blades. Other than building stuff, we had a pizza break and played a game called card game called Fire Knife created by one of our members.

A friend trying out one of the new knives

L&C Everyday Life: E&D

It is about presentation time for most E&D classes, so I think now is a good time to cover it. E&D stands for Exploration & Discovery, it’s Lewis and Clark’s version of a freshman seminar. Instead of just having you write a billion papers like a few other colleges do, E&D classes tend to focus on a certain topic and fully explore that theme.  Last semester my class was exploring the question “what makes us human?” and this semester I’m in a class working with probability and strategy.  The first semester of E&D involves a fair amount of reading and writing to hone your skills and the second semester you will be doing a research project on something related to the theme of your class.  Both of my E&D professors have been fantastic to work with and I have really enjoyed both classes.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu