15 March 2016

Spring Break Plans?

Hey all,

So this is the final week before Spring break, and needless to say, many in the L&C community are itching to begin their spring break adventures. Because L&C has only a one-week spring break (made up for by the fact that we have nearly 4 months of summer break!), the school leaves an option for students who live on-campus to stay on campus over break. While many of the amenities like food options (dining halls and cafes) are closed, a good number of L&C students choose to stay on campus over break for various reasons. Because the Pioneer Express still runs from campus to downtown Portland, spring break is a great opportunity to take all-day trips into Portland to explore places not as easy to reach as downtown. Of course, your option to stay on campus and catch up on some well-deserved rest is a wise choice too. Many get together to host movie nights, cook dinners, and generally take a breath.
College Outdoors, the wonderful L&C student-run organization that takes us on all kinds of outdoor trips, also hosts a variety of spring break trips. Because of the wealth of adventures to be had in the Pacific Northwest, few of my friends actually return to their homes for Spring Break. Most are out adventuring the cities and mountains!

Life tip: Pay attention to colors, even in winter.

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