22 March 2016

Spring Has Come

Flowers outside of Tamarack (Forest's lounge)

Spring is here and spring break along with it.  Most students are either at home right now or off on a College Outdoors adventure.  I am one of the few that are left.  Getting home is quite complicated and I had work I needed to do so I did not end up on a College Outdoors trip either.  I’m hoping to do something adventurous in these next couple days, but I haven’t finalized any of my plans yet.

Mushrooms in Tryon

After classes ended on Friday, I joined a friend to do another of the typical tourist things in Portland, Voodoo Doughnuts.  It is a rather famous doughnut store in Portland and if you arrive during peak times there will be a decent line. Luckily, only a handful of people were there on a Friday afternoon and we hardly had to wait.  Their signature doughnut is called the voodoo doll and is, unsurprisingly, a human shaped jelly doughnut stabbed with a pretzel stick.  I quite enjoyed myself.


While I have yet to do anything big, I haven’t forgotten to enjoy my break.  I have done a decent bit of exploring the woods around here including Lewis & Clark’s gorge and Tryon Creek State Natural Area. There are flowers blooming everywhere, the birds are all cheerful, and squirrels are doing their spring cleaning and gathering fresh bedding for their nests.  It is beautiful out even considering the rain. 

Trail in Tryon