02 March 2016

Spring Has Sprung, and Everyone Loves It

Springtime in Portland is an interesting and fun time.  In most places, spring means mild showers, some warm days, and some chilly, and a lot of flowers everywhere.  In Portland, all of those things and more will show up in one afternoon.  On Monday, it started off a beautiful sunny and mid 50's day, but then quickly started to rain, then back to sun, then suddenly hailed for a few minutes, and then became sunny again; all in a span of 30 minutes.  Portland Spring keeps you on your toes and reminds everyone to make sure that they are wearing layers and bring a raincoat everywhere they go.

                          Students hanging out outside                                 Beautiful flowers popping out outside my residence hall

Because it is warming up and being more spring-like, there have been more and more people hanging out outside doing work, tanning, throwing frisbees, or just getting a little Vitamin D.  It's amazing how quickly campus transforms when the sun comes out, it feels more alive and active and I (and everyone that I've seen) loves it.  Our campus is already ridiculously beautiful (we get ranked very highly in that category in most rankings) but when the sun comes out, I look around and can't believe where I am staying.  It amazes me daily that I go to school here and it isn't some place that people just visit because it's so pretty.

If you have any questions about L&C or life at college in general, feel free to email me at jprovost@lclark.edu.  Hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful week!