06 March 2016

That Girl with the Staff

This morning involved a lot of wandering around Portland with a 5 ½ foot metal pole.  There was an ex Cirque du Soleil performer running a fire staff workshop downtown so I did actually have a reason to be doing this.  The workshop was a bit less than a mile-and-a-half from the Pio stop (L&C’s shuttle) and there was plenty of opportunity for strangers to be bemused by a girl carrying around a staff as tall as herself.  The workshop was a lot of fun and I’m sure some of those moves will be incorporated into our spring show later this semester.

After the workshop, I stopped at a lovely park along the Willamette (called, I believe, Waterfront Park).  During weekends it’s the home of the Portland Saturday Market (though, it’s open on Sunday too) which has lots of strange gifts and doodads.  Last time I was there they had fancy soaps that looked like candy. I digress, I stopped at the park and enjoyed the sunshine for a while before catching the Pio back.

On the way back to campus I had a nice talk with the bus driver.  He has a friend who does fire staff on stilts and was surprised to see someone carrying one around Portland.  After that we talked about other sports and forms of gymnastics as well as about Portland drivers and how eco-friendly busses are (very). 

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