19 April 2016

Mountains Outside, Mountains Inside

Hey all!

There are now more beautiful days than rainy ones! Celebrate, summer is here!
With only a week and a half of classes left and exams soon after, the LC community is in a strange limbo state of summer break (and all of its adventures) is just on the other side of a huge mountain of school-work. Many LC students indeed are stressing over last-minute “midterm” exams, presentations, posters, papers, thesis, and the like, but this rarely stops us from going out and enjoying our campus, which really is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country in good weather.

To really make the most out of the weather, I recommend joining one of the many outdoors-oriented groups on campus. There’s College Outdoors, which takes students on trips all over the Pacific Northwest, and there are lower-key student groups such as surfing and rock climbing. Clubs like yoga also hold sessions outdoors, and you can actually get into outdoor sports classes like sailing or mountain biking! Of course, if you don’t want anything too official, the campus’s lawns and landscapes are begging you to lay a blanket and soak up some much-needed rays. I’m actually writing this while sitting right outside the Reflection Pond… it’s killer.
This past week has been the definition of making the most out of your time. From day hikes to case studies and presentations and mountain biking, I've done it all! The important thing to remember during these stressful end-of-year times is to try and have balance.

Peace everyone!

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Cheers everybody! Jay

About me: Transfer sophomore Lewis & Clark College. Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Japanese