12 April 2016

Next Semester: Japan

Hey all!
This weekend's adventures started out with the Mirror Lake hike on Mt. Hood (in the background) and ended with tons of single-track mountain biking 30 mins. north of Portland!

For many at LC, the end of this week will mark the beginning of the end. Was that confusing?
Let me try again: at the end of this week, we will have exactly 2 weeks left of classes. That means it will very soon be prime time for finals prep., presentations, papers, thesis goodies, and stress eating.
Not to mention LC students are now beginning to register for their Fall 2016 semester classes, which can be another stressful thing to add to the list.

But for a lucky few, the next semester will take place far from LC's pruned and manicured campus. This fall, I will be joining a handful of other LC students in a study abroad semester in Japan.
To give you a little background about myself, I am a transfer student, and I was SHOCKED when LC told me I could study abroad and still graduate on time. Needless to say, I was on that boat immediately once I found out that all my financial aid is applied to the study abroad semester as if I were staying on campus (there are a few exceptions that did not apply to me).

LC has a HUGE range of study abroad programs and is eager to help you get experience outside of the US, and transfers fear not! Another transfer friend of mine is also heading out next fall!

Questions, comments, in Portland for the weekend? Tag me @jayhidekichu on instagram or email me at jaychu@lclark.edu

Cheers everybody! Jay

About me: Transfer sophomore Lewis & Clark College. Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Japanese