11 April 2016

Spring is Here!

There are only three weeks left of classes and the campus is doing its best to convince us to stay.  The air is warm, the sun is out, and everything is blooming.  You’ll see students in hammocks or sleeping in the grass enjoying the sun. You’ll also see a few students colored a nice shade of pink because, during the cloudy months, they forgot how easily they burn.  (My roommate for example).  The gardens are stunning, the students are outside, and spring is in the air.

It is also the time where everything starts being due.  I have tuned in a research paper and now my biology team are working on our presentation.  We wanted to see if there was a correlation between hating cilantro and sensitivity to three different chemicals (PTC, sodium benzoate, and thiourea). Short answer: there wasn’t. Our presentation is tomorrow afternoon so we spent this evening practicing for it in academic Howard (vs residential Howard, the dorm). 

Both first round class registration and the housing lottery happened this last week.  The first round of registration is where every student picks the class they are most interested in and the second round (next Thursday) is where we pick the rest of them.  For the housing lottery, you and your chosen roommate show up at Templeton, turn in your housing contracts, and each pick a number.  The average of your numbers determines when you get to choose your room for the next year. My roommate and I will be living in the new STEM LLC (Living Learning Community) in Copeland so I’ll keep you informed on how that goes.