12 April 2016

Summer? Spring? Summer? Spring?

The past few weeks have been BEAUTIFUL on campus.  It has been in the mid 80°'s and sunny almost every day for 2 weeks now.  This is pretty rare in spring and everyone has been taking advantage of it.  There are so many more people out and about along with people tanning, throwing frisbees, hammock-ing, and just hanging out on any green space around campus.  

Generally during the spring weather in Portland is known to be erratic.  One year walking to class (which took all of 3 minutes) I experienced rain, sleet, fog, sun, hail, and then rain again.  This is what generally happens until late April or early May but this year has been different.  

As I am writing this it is currently raining, however it was supposed to rain this morning but it hadn't started until after track practice which ended after 5:30.  Also, rain should end by this weekend and the warm weather should return.  This back and forth of summer weather and spring weather is confusing but it is certainly getting me very excited for summer as I know everyone else is as well.  We only have a few weeks to go and everyone working hard to finish out the semester.  I hope that the end of your semesters/trimesters/years go well and that you enjoy the rest of your week.  

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me at jprovost@lclark.edu.  Have an amazing week!