23 October 2016

A Biologist in a Cybersecurity Competition?

One of the nice things about attending a small school is that you’re guaranteed to have friends with a wide range of interests.  There is no way that all your friends will be entirely within your major (unless you decide to make only one friend). One of my better friends is a CS (Computer Science) major who is excellent at cybersecurity; she convinced both me and my roommate to participate in NCL (National Cyber League), a cybersecurity competition. Despite the fact that we know nothing about cybersecurity and have minimal background in computer science, we both agreed after being assured that it’s intended as a teaching tool and even those of us with no experience can join. This weekend was the first time the stadium opened.  It starts with a preseason game to separate the participants into brackets based on their skill level. The preseason game lasts for a week so I still have awhile to finish the challenges, but I have a pretty good start so far. Six of us hung out in a classroom yesterday working on the challenges and I really enjoyed it.

See the little orange dot? I'm doing pretty well seeing as I know nothing and haven't finished yet.

The other thing I have been working on this week is the upcoming fire show. Every fall we host a Halloween show known as the Dance of the Damned and this year we’re doing the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show will be called “Once More, with Fire” after the episode’s title of “Once More, with Feeling.” In case you didn't notice, we have members who like bad puns. Anyway, we held two extra practices this weekend to work on our choreography and it’s turning out pretty well so far. I’ll admit though, these songs will be stuck in my head for at least the rest of the semester. I can already sing along with other people’s parts and my roommate was humming at 3am last night...

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