29 October 2016

Homecoming and Coming Home

Hi friends! 

       I’m trying to think of what I even did this week; it was one of those weeks when you blink and it’s gone and you can’t remember anything that happened. I had an organic chemistry quiz on Friday, I have my calculus exam Monday and the following week I have my organic chemistry and biology exam. We’re in sort of a “busy lull” and next week I’ll be very busy studying. We’re already at the halfway point in the semester and it’s already Homecoming weekend.

Leaving Portland (THERE WAS SUN!)

       Last year my mom was still on the east coast for Parent’s Weekend/Homecoming but since she’s in Seattle now it made it easy for me to see her, so I'm going home for homecoming. I normally take the Bolt bus – which is where I am while I write this post - and it's really convenient and sometimes you can find deals like a 1$ ticket. Another option though, is that the school also has these great Facebook groups you can join once you get your LC email. One of them is a “Ride and Share” group and you can post something like “looking for a ride to Seattle or the airport or wherever, offer some gas money if you want” or post that you’re driving somewhere and ask for gas money if you want to make a little extra money. If you don’t live within driving distance there are also always people headed to the airport around breaks and sometimes there’s an LC Shuttle too. Anyways I hope to have a more exciting business to tell y'all next week. 

As always, if you have any questions or want to just chat, you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu