23 October 2016

Midterms and Fall Ball

Hello All,

With the Presidential Election just around the corner, L&C held a viewing of the third and final debate in the Council Chamber, a smaller theater in the student center.  The school had shown all the previous debates, and each time the auditorium was packed.  There were efforts from political clubs on campus—College Democrats and College Conservatives—to register L&C students to vote, and it sounds like a large group of students were registered.  It was very interesting to see students so excited about politics!

Midterms are on Monday—tomorrow—for me, so most of my time has been spent studying for those.  However, Fall Ball was on Saturday, and it was a blast.  It was held at the Crystal Ballroom, a local venue for concerts, and was incredibly fun.  Many students attended, as there were offerings other than just the music.  There was good food, a photo booth, and a great DJ.

For those of you who missed my first couple of posts, I finish each post with a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life.  Additionally, I add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Sunday: What did the buffalo say to his child when he went off to college?

Song of the Week: “Drum” by MØ

I’ll be posting weekly on the Real Life Blog, on either Saturday or Sunday.  For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu.