10 October 2016

Putting the "Break" in Fall Break, and the "Outdoors" in College Outdoors

Hey friends!
So it’s Monday. BLECK. I just need to get through these 48 hours and then it’s fall break and I’m done. I have two exams tomorrow and one Wednesday which is not the ideal schedule. But the great thing is, it’s only a 3 day week and on Wednesday I’m leaving for the Deschutes River in Eastern Oregon and I will be learning all these fancy things about raft guiding. I’m super excited. I mentioned this in my last blog post, but I want to become a certified raft guide and work for both the school but also outside companies. I’m going to do my Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification this winter so that I can move up the Leadership Ladder within College Outdoors and then also be more eligible for company jobs.

I just had dance rehearsal last night and I’m getting really excited. Dance X is different than anything I’ve ever done before. I’m in a small group of 4 dancers and 1 choreographer, but what’s cool is we all get to contribute to the dance. Before coming to Lewis and Clark all the dances I’ve done I just learned someone else’s choreography, but being able to help create it makes the process much more enjoyable, and easier to remember. We’re about ¾ of the way done already with ours and there’s a ton of cool partner work. We’ve also been able to incorporate all of our styles of dance and showcase how unique all the dancers are in their backgrounds.

--- bum da dum da dum --- a few days later with a hop skip and a jump ---  bum da dum da dum ---

So it’s Monday again.. Fall break has passed, I went on a College Outdoors trip for raft guide training. Going on a CO trip is a great idea if you don’t have any plans for fall or spring break. I had an incredible time! It was so amazing and I learned so much. This clinic was for those who were interested in either becoming a raft guide, or just wanted to learn a bit more about rafting. There’s a day stretch on the Deschutes that you do on the weekend overnight trips and you go through it as part of the NST (new student trip). For our trip we repeated that same stretch of river each day. We learned how to read the river, how to angle our boats to catch an eddy or T up to waves, we learned how to swim rapids, how to flip boats. I learned so much from this clinic and had a great time! I'll do another post specifically dedicated to what it's like to work with College Outdoors (LCCO) and what we did on the raft guide clinic.

Raft Guide Clinic 2016
Cheers for now :) Kate

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