27 November 2016

Revenge is a Dish Best Served...

…on Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately since it is 12 hours travel home and 12 hours back, it didn’t make sense for me to go home over Thanksgiving break.  My roommate, however, went home and this left me the perfect opportunity to exact my revenge.  She is one of my best friends and, as friends do, spends part of her time finding ways to annoy me.  After insisting that I watch a strange YouTube video, she has been hiding sticky notes in my stuff with “Noot Noot!” written on them.  I’ve gone to class and found them in my notebooks, I’ve pulled them out of my molecular modeling kit, I’ve removed them from drawers, I’ve found them in my stack of sticky notes, I’ve discovered them in my pillow, I’ve found them hidden behind desk decorations; there’s hardly a place that has escaped having a sticky note at one point or another.

While doing grocery shopping for this weekend I happened across a cheap pack of 400 sticky notes. (By ‘happened,’ I really mean ‘went looking for’).  So I spent a few hours of Thanksgiving writing ‘noot’ 800 times and covering her side of the room in sticky notes.  About 300 of them are visible and the other 100 are hidden in various places such as coat pockets and under her desk.  I kind of like all the sticky notes, the colors help brighten up the room now that the weather has turned.  As I said, they were cheap, so they are beginning to unstick and drift down to the floor like neon-colored snowflakes, but it still looks pretty impressive.

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