27 November 2016

Thanksgiving Break and Back to Work

Hello All,

This last week—well officially only Thursday and Friday—was our Thanksgiving break.  My schedule worked out surprisingly well and I was able to drive home with my mom on Monday night. The voyage home was much simpler than last year, when I had to fly in on Thanksgiving morning at 6 am.  Needless to say, I preferred my break this year.

Seeing family and friends from home is always great, and my Thanksgiving break this year was particularly celebratory as one of my cousin’s learned he’d been admitted to medical school the night before! Unfortunately, and as with all breaks it seems, Thanksgiving break seemed to fly very quickly.

The week before was registration week, and I was fortunate enough to get into all of the classes I needed for my major requirements! Because I’m doing a double major—Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology—and also because I’m a transfer student, I'm choosing to take 21 credits next semester, which will undoubtedly be a challenge. I hope to keep you all updated with my packed schedule next semester, as I’m equally unsure just what to expect!

I finish each post with a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life, and we could all use a joke at the present time. Additionally, I add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Monday: Why do cows were bells?
Their horns don't work!

Song of the Week: “Lost on You” by LP

For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu.