30 November 2016

Thanksgiving Break

Can we please get a few more days of Thanksgiving break? It went by way too quickly. It was incredibly enjoyable to relax the past few days and not even think about school at all. Since my brother and I stayed here for the break, both of us and two of our teammates who live next to me and who also stayed here over break decided to have our own Thanksgiving meal. The day before Thanksgiving we found a little Mexican market in Tigard, which is about twenty minutes from here, and got ourselves some carne asada to cook for the day.  Carne asada is thin, marinated beef that is grilled. We cut it up into little slices and serve it in tortillas. We also got some beans, rice, and salsa. It's a favorite from home, so we had that instead of turkey.

It turned out really great. We spent most of the morning barbecuing in the rain and preparing the meal that we ate in the middle of the day. After we had our fill, we sat around watching the football games that were on that day. We all took turns taking naps. My brother even fell asleep for three hours! Other than watch football, we played ping pong at times. It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving since we had to be away from home.

The rest of the break, the four of us didn’t do much else besides hang around and watch football. We even woke up early Saturday morning to watch the Michigan vs. Ohio State game. The twin teammates who live next to me are huge Michigan fans and were going crazy over the game until the very end when Michigan lost.

Since it's almost December, it has become very cold here. There is even a chance of snow next week before classes end! I have never seen snow here on campus, but last year it did snow after we left for the break. Since it has been snowing so much, I plan on going up to Mt. Hood this weekend to go snowboarding. I am really excited for it. Stay tuned!

That’s all for this week.