26 November 2016

Thanksgiving, Dance, and a Surprise!

Hey friends!!!

**also theres a surprise at the end**

Happy Thanksgiving Week! This week was really nice, we all needed a break from school. I  had Monday and Tuesday classes and I got really lucky and had my Wednesday class cancelled. I was able to bolt bus home on Tuesday and have an extra day at home with my mom. Since we're in Seattle and it's not really where my "home" is, I don't have friends here (that sounds really sad, but it's not bad). My mom and I just had a relaxing Thanksgiving. We didn't do the traditional turkey, in fact we never do. We went out for dim sum and Chinese food instead! :D

Din Tai Fung in Seattle!
We spent Black Friday taking a long 6 mile walk along Lake Washington.

Lake Washington
The only thing with Thanksgiving break is that when we get back we have exactly a week and a half of classes until FINALS. What?!? The semester moves so incredible fast. I have an invertebrate Zoology lab practical exam on Friday and tech every single day this week :O ahh. I'm so so so excited about Dance X but it's getting really busy. We had our tech day last weekend when we set everything with the lights and music and it looks great :D I'm really excited. Our dance is going to perform in the spring at ACDA (American College Dance Association) where we can be judged and critiqued.  

Dance X 2016!!!

Anyways, so a lot has been happening and the rest of the semester is a whirlwind. I have a surprise for all of you too! The LC Admissions office has set up a snapchat where you can get an look at the day of an LC student and I'm going to be doing the snapchat takeover FRIDAY Dec. 2! I'll take you along to my classes and maybe a quick shot of the InvertZo lab, behind the scenes of Dance X and backstage. So be sure to check out snapchat this coming Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving whether you were home and with family or with friends or where ever you were I hope it was a day you were surrounded by love and thanks :)

As always if you have any questions you can reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu 
Cheers for now, I'll see you Friday!