22 November 2016

Tryon Creek

This week marked the start of a conservation project I am leading through SLS (Student Leadership and Service).  Twice a week between now and the end of the semester I will be leading trips to pull ivy in Tryon Creek State Natural Area, the nearby park.  English ivy is an invasive species here.  It has been called the kudzu of the northwest because of its propensity to take over an area and cause damage to trees.  The best removal method, at least close to trails, is pulling it by hand.  After a day of homework it feels really good to get out and do some physical labor. Plus, you’re helping the park both by removing ivy and the number of service hours they get are matched by donations.
An hour's work
If you’re not thrilled with the idea of getting coated in mud, SLS also has a lot of other volunteer opportunities.  The best way to hear about what is available is to get on their mailing list.  Interested?  Send an email to leadserve@lclark.edu
The best part about volunteering is making friends
Registration update: Wednesday was my second round of registration for next spring’s classes.  I’m happy to say I got into every class I wanted.  Next semester I’ll be in Computer Science II, Organic Chemistry II, Calculus II, and Investigations in Cell & Molecular Biology.  I know not everyone loves the way we register for classes, but I think our system is fantastic compared to the ones my friends at other schools go through.  We register in two parts; if you get an early slot first round, you’ll get a late one second round and vice versa.  I have friends at other schools who have had semesters they didn’t get into a single class they wanted because they had a bad registration time.  Here you always get into at least one of the classes you're interested in.

Feel free to contact me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu if you have any questions.