22 November 2016

Weekend on the Coast

This past week, my fellow RA’s in Copeland Hall had our staff retreat over the weekend. We traveled out to the coast of Oregon in Lincoln City where we rented a beach house for a day and a half. The house we stayed in was big enough for all eleven of us, and it was right next to the beach. It was so nice to wake up in the morning and  look out at the ocean. We got there on Friday night, and spent the rest of the night playing games and just enjoying each other’s company.  We played this really fun game called Werewolf. The whole point is that players are given cards and two people have the werewolf card, but no one can know who has which card. The players have to discover who the werewolves are by asking questions, and it leads to a lot of crazy arguments that are a lot of fun.

Saturday, once everyone was awake, we went down to the beach to walk around and take it in. We all walked around for a while and took some pictures. Some of us (not me) were brave enough to go run into the water. After we spent some time on the beach, we all went back to the house and spent the day relaxing and taking naps. That night we did a few team bonding activities, and then played Werewolf again. It was a great weekend to get away from school and relax.

Yesterday the football team had our awards banquet to celebrate the end of the year. It was good to see everyone back together and to have a night where we could enjoy ourselves.. At the awards ceremony, I was awarded the Defensive Captain for this year. It was really cool to get this award because the team voted for the awards and picked me for it.

With Thanksgiving this week, my brother and I are staying here for the break since it is such a short break. We will be making food here and catching up on some rest. We will definitely be watching some football. Until next week everyone.


Coach Kopp and I with my award.