10 December 2016

Farewell and Finals

Hey friends!

I hope you all caught my snapchat takeover! It was an absolute blast showing you my day on campus last week and writing for you this semester :)

We're finally in finals! I've been held up in Watzek and the SQRC all day. Some exciting stuff this week though! We got snow! (Although I will say with finals it was VERY inconvenient. I'm used to snow and ice, I'm not easily fazed by it) but the entire campus basically shut down meaning the only thing that was open was the Bon (-- more LC lingo, students call Fields Dining Hall the Bon because it's catered by Bon Appetit) and the library, but only until 9pm. Which normally during finals is open 24/7. The snow was really beautiful to see again but it was slightly annoying, so today was my first day actually being very productive. I tried on Thursday and Friday - during our reading days but it was distracting with the snow and I was dragging... oh well...

A View of the Manor House from the pathway of Academics to Residential 

Anyways, I'm being consumed by my organic chemistry course, but my final schedule isn't too bad and since the way my labs worked out this semester I only took 3 courses so I only have 3 finals to worry about. (But I'm overloading next semester and will have 5 >.< AHHH I'M GOING TO DIE).

I'll be home in just a few more days on Wednesday and then I'll have a whole 2 weeks off before I come back to campus for a Wilderness First Responder course taught by NOLS which I'm looking forward to very much! I'm taking as part of my work with the College Outdoors and then also because I am pre-med and I think it would be a great step further and give me a taste for the possibility of working more in the less traditional field of medicine. It's going to be a packed few weeks but I'm looking forward to it!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at ksaylor@lclark.edu if you have any questions about LC or myself or anything!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Cheers for now! (until Spring)

Kate :)