03 December 2016

Snapchats and Dance X

Hey friends!

I hope you all caught my snapchat take over! You can probably still get a lot of it if you check it out today @lclarkpioneers. I took y'all through my day studying, grabbing some Trail Room (Troom - LC lingo) lunch, and then backstage and behind the scenes of Dance X! We're finally here! I can't believe it's already time for performances. It's just another reminder that the end of the semester is upon us. We also just finished our last full week of classes! That's CRAZY! I've already started studying for my finals. It's that last stretch, I don't have a ton of homework anymore, it's mostly final projects and papers that need to be finished now.

My snapchat takeover!

Last night was our opening night! It was fantastic! I had a lab practical yesterday too and have spent every night this week at dress rehearsal and then going to the bio lab when I was done. I haven't gotten much sleep at all this week. We have two performances each night. My dance is the last piece of the show and when we get around to the 10:00 show we don't get on stage until about 11:15 and I was exhausted. However, the moment you step on stage you get this huge surge of energy and you can't sit still. Both performances last night were very strong and tonight it's only going to get better!


Next week will probably be my last post of the semester! It's been really great to share my life at LC with all of you! As always if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out @ Ksaylor@lclark.edu