06 December 2016

Snow and Finals

Well, there is only one week of the semester left. It is weird that it is almost done. The semester has flown by. Now we just have to get through finals, which will be tough and rewarding at the same time. I will have three next week, so I am looking forward to being done with them. Classes end this Wednesday, then we have two reading days, where you can study as much as you want. I prefer to go to the library or get a classroom with my friends so that we can talk out loud, which helps me study. Then on Saturday finals start, with Sunday being off. My two hardest finals, Molecular Biology and Structural Biochemistry, are on next Wednesday, the last day of finals. While it will be nice to have a lot of time to study for them, it sucks that they are on the same day.

It is officially winter here in Portland! Last Friday I finally got to go snowboarding up at Mt. Hood. It was relaxing to get off campus and go do something where I didn’t have to think about school for a day. The resort I went to, Timberline, had almost all of their runs open finally, and my friend Cale and I were able to go all over the mountain. Also, I had to put chains on my car for the first time ever. It took a couple of tries, but I was successful in putting them on and driving in the snow. For a little while it was even snowing, but then it turned into mist by the end of the day. The only bad part was that when I put on my chains, the back right tire chain was hitting something and made a really loud noise the whole way up, but thankfully my car wasn’t damaged at all.

Also this past week, it snowed here on campus! It rarely snows in Portland, so when it does, it is a big deal. Unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough to stick to the ground, but it was still cool to see it coming down. A lot of my friends, who are Hawaiian and have never seen snow fall, were in awe of it all day. This week it is predicted to snow more, so hopefully we will have another chance to see some. It has been very cold on campus these few days, and it really feels like winter now.

This is my last post for the semester, so I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Until next semester.

The road going up to Timberline. 

Cale and I.