30 January 2017

Sick Week

Hey friends,

This past week was sort of a blur, I was sick the entire week so it wasn't a very exciting week. I finally have my schedule starting to be finalized. I am (and now officially enrolled) in Cellular Biology 200, Organic Chemistry 220, Calculus II 132, and Brain and Behavior 280. I am also in Dance Y and I'm doing a dance for both Latin America and South East Asia for the International Fair, I'm helping to co-lead the hip hop club, and continuing my Dance X piece in preparation for the ACDA conference. I've got a very heavy dance semester, but I'm really excited!

No such thing as too many dance photos... Another Dance X 2016 pic

I've also been working on my overseas application so I can hopefully travel to Australia in the spring of 2018! Lewis and Clark has a fantastic study abroad department and you can check it out here. I'm looking at the biology Australia program where I'd be able to study the biogeography and history of Australia as well as an intensive poisons and venoms course taught by Greta Binford, the professor who taught the Invertebrate Zoology course I took last semester.

This week has been decently dull, mostly just planning and trying to sleep and get healthy again, so hopefully this next week I will have more exciting things to report. One exciting thing though!My birthday is this Sunday and I'm turning 20! That's a scary thought...

If you ever have questions about anything at LC or if you just want to chat you can always reach me at: ksaylor@lclark.edu