17 February 2017

A Good End to a Bad Week

Hey friends!

This week was crazy, long, hard and exhausting. I had 3 midterms, a quiz, a lab report, a lab presentation and a paper due - the quiz and two midterms being on Friday. So, I've been pretty exhausted. It's also just been a pretty stressful week with some other stuff from home, but Friday ended up being a really great day.

I had my two midterms - and hopefully I'm not jinxing myself, but they didn't seem too hard... Considering I didn't know any of the brain parts or functions on Wednesday day night, I was very happy with myself for coming out of my Brain and Behavior exam feeling confident. I also probably made some silly arithmetic mistake on my Calculus 2 exam as well, but it didn't seem too difficult.

We wrapped up our biology lab this week with a presentation, presenting our (inconclusive) data on how EDTA changed the reaction rate of the tyrosine enzyme. Put in the most basic way, EDTA in an inhibitor that binds to the copper receptor site of tyrosine so that the enzyme tyrosinase can't catalyze into when combined with catechol. We were expecting to see a decrease in the rate of reaction, but our data was all over the place.

We also submitted our two week long chemistry lab with a report on how stable ylide produces a trans isomer. -- I won't bore you all with the complex details of ochem that has taken me hours on hours to understand.

Wednesday night we had the first full rehearsal/run through of International Fair which was great. I got to see all the other countries performances and finally run our dances through with the tech.

Dance Y has also been coming along really well, we've almost got a minute and a half of choreo built!

But Friday was quite lovely; my exams went better than I was expecting and it was the first day of sun we've had all week. I came out of my calc exam with an extra ten minutes and literally just laid on the ground outside JR Howard Hall. Sitting outside of Howard is a popular hang out spot in the sun.

The giant steps of Howard Hall -- feeling like Gossip Girl - XOXO 

After my exams were finished I finally chilled in my room and then went out to Ichiban with a group of friends for dinner. Ichiban is a cute little hole in the wall, conveyer belt sushi restaurant downtown. (Bon Fridays are not my favorite meal of the week too). We all grabbed some boba over at Fat Straw after that making today a great end to this long and exhausting week.

I think we're meant to go back to rain this weekend and for the rest of the week, but I have a run planned for Saturday morning in Forest Park with a group of friends who are all training for the half marathon next year.

Anyways, I'm hoping this next week is a little bit slower and less hectic. I have an ochem exam on Friday, which means another week of late nights studying - but at hopefully I'll have less going on at the same time.

As always, if you have any questions of just want to chat about LC life, be sure to email me at ksaylor@lclark.edu

That's all for this week,