14 February 2017

Biology Lab

Cell/molecular biology lab was fantastic.  The data came out beautifully.  As we had predicted, the longer the apple extract was exposed to UV light, the less effective tyrosinase was at converting the clear substrate into colored products.  In biology labs we often have the opportunity to run experiments exploring some facet of the topic we are studying, but because it’s science not all experiments pan out.  This time it did though and I’m excited for our presentations tomorrow.  

I’ve had two midterms since I last wrote.  One for Calculus II and one for Cell/Molecular Biology. So, as should be expected, I have spent a lot of time studying this week.  Still, my roommate and I managed to finally cook the mushrooms we have been growing.  Amazon sells grow your own oyster mushroom kits and we never managed to get the timing right on the last one, but time we succeeded though and were able to sauté them this weekend.  They were pretty tasty.  Speaking of that, I ought to go water them. 

Also this weekend I attended the Anti-Valentine’s Day concert.  It was a lot of fun.  I managed to convince a friend to go with me since my roommate stayed behind to sleep.  The concert is an annual event for those who love or love to hate.  Lots of on campus a cappella groups were preforming and they did a really fantastic job.

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