25 February 2017

Long Run, Short (but good) Week

Hey friends!

Another week flying by. I swear, my time at LC seems to just speed up each week. I just finished my Organic Chemistry exam and it wasn't too bad. This week has been no where near as busy as it was last week but I think some of the exhaustion has caught up to me. I'm not really sure what I did during the week... A few weeks ago I helped out a friend with his application to Nike by doing a kick-boxing photo shoot and I just got the pictures back. I'm normally a little camera shy but I'm low key obsessed with how the pictures came out. Definitely go check my friend out at Sterling Stoll Photography :)

My arm looks CRAZY but it's not photoshopped. (I'm also not that ripped, it's just the reverb, but I really love how strong I look ^.^
Friday night my friends and I went over to FuBonn, an awesome Asian market over across the river. We bought a ton of ingredients and then made our own dinner. We had papaya salad, fish and rice :) a good break from Friday night bons.

This morning was also really great. I went on a 7 mile run this morning down to Lake Oswego and back. Lake O is super nice (a bit expensive for college students) but it's pretty fun; Theres a great little french bakery and then also a farmers market that'll start a bit later on in the spring. I've been (trying) to train for a 15K and half marathon and then potentially a full marathon. I haven't run for that far for 4 years and I'm feeling proud :) It was a great way to start my day and end my week.

After grabbing a quick bon (meal at Field's Dinning Hall // Bon) I headed downtown on the pio. I did a quick walk through the downtown farmer's market - completely fabulous when it's early fall and late spring and things are back in season. So now I'm just chilling in my normal study spot, at Starbucks writing this blog and doing homework.

Downtown Farmer's Market

That's all for now, as always, you can reach me @ ksaylor@lclark.edu