28 February 2017

New Friends!

One of our new friends
After over a semester, the songbirds have finally found my birdfeeder.  Gerald, the hummingbird, has been visiting regularly since we put up the two feeders last fall, but until this week we hadn’t been visited by any other bird.  It’s exciting to see the new faces and I’m happy to learn the purchase wasn’t in vain.  Unfortunately I have yet to get a good picture of them because they’re most active in the early morning before the condensation goes away.

On Saturday my roommate and I took one of our friends to explore south-campus (the Graduate school).  Somehow she hadn’t ever managed to make it over there in the last year and a half.  The graduate campus is just as lovely as the undergraduate side and inside a set of bushes off to the side of campus resides Narnia.  There is a gap down the middle of a hedge that is cleared out enough for people to walk through and students will come and decorate it with their old art pieces.  It’s a really neat place.  I recommend visiting some afternoon when no one else is there.

In bio we’re playing with Clamydomonas, a type of green algae.  We’ve been measuring the length of their flagella using a decently expensive microscope with a very expensive camera.  They are kinda cute.  It’s a bit challenging to get them entirely in focus, but I really love playing with the microscopes.  Tomorrow we’ll be recording the rate of their flagella growth which, to me at least, sounds like a fun time.

The weather has been unusually sunny recently
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