28 February 2017

Throckmorton Lecture and Midterms

The semester is officially half way over. It still feels like we just got back to school only a few weeks ago. Still though, we are getting snow just like when I first got back to school. Monday morning during our football workouts it started snowing pretty hard for about 15 minutes and even started to stick on the field. All of us were excited that they might even cancel school if kept up, but unfortunately it stopped and melted by the end of our workouts. Hopefully soon, the weather will start to get better and we can get more sunshine on campus.

Last night I went to the annual Throckmorton talk that the history department puts on for extra credit in my history classes. The history department here at Lewis & Clark brings in another professor from a different university or college to give a talk on their research or another interesting topic. This year it was Dr. Martha Hodes, who gave a talk about how people reacted to the assassination of President Lincoln on a personal level, not just a public one. It was incredibly interesting to listen to because she used primary sources that were written only a few months after his death. At one point she made the comparison to 9/11 and how life went on after the terror attack. Her point there really stuck with me because I am old enough to remember the attacks with at least some clarity, and I can remember how it affected everyone. However, our lives still went on. She then went on to talk about how race played a factor into how people mourned, and how certain ethnic groups reacted to it. It definitely was an interesting talk, and I was glad I went.

Right now a lot of my midterms are coming up, so I have a lot of studying to do. Starting tomorrow, I will have four tests in the next week, one for each class. The next week I will be spending a lot of time in the library studying for the tests. Thankfully, after the tests I will have a chance to take a break for a little bit before I have more tests to take.

That's all for this week,

Dr. Hodes giving her presentation.