22 March 2017

Almost Spring Break

It is almost time for Spring Break finally. This past has been fairly easy because I haven’t had too much homework or anything because all of my tests finished last week. It even feels more and more like spring here now that the sun is starting to come out more instead of it raining all the time. Hopefully by the time we are all back from spring break the sun will be out all the time and everyone at school can be outside and enjoy the sun. Once the sun really starts to come out, lots of people like to go down to the gardens to sunbathe or play some time of games.

For spring break my brother and I are driving home for the week. The only downside to this is that it is about an 18 hour drive to get there. Since we are leaving tomorrow afternoon, we will be taking turns driving so that we can both get some sleep. Even though it is a long drive, it is a lot of fun because we get to spend time together for a long time. Over break, I don’t have a lot of plans to do anything. I will probably go to San Diego for a few days to visit my girlfriend who goes to school there. I might try to work with the veterinarian who I spent time with last summer just so I can get more experience. It will also make me keep working and not too relaxed for my week off.

Since it has been an easy week, all I have had to focus on is spring ball. It has been going well so far, but we are still just going slow and learning a lot. We will have about three weeks of practice after we get back from break. Then it will basically be the end of the semester, which is crazy to think about. The end of the year is creeping up on us fast. It is weird because I will only have a year left here after this semester ends, then it will be time for me to start looking at grad schools that I will want to attend.

Well that's it for this week, I will be making sure to soak up as much sun as I can when I am home.


Another sushi place with my friends. 

Finally some sun!